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STEP 1: Upload Plans

Upload your exhibition floorplan (DWG/DXF CAD file) to our user portal

Our portal uses AI to instantaneously convert your plan to marks for Lionel - no extra work needed

You can make changes (add or delete marks and obstacles) any time

Choose a model that suits your needs



How does the Lease model work?

Rent Lionel robots and keep them in your possession

August Robotics will come on site and train your team how to use Lionel end-to-end (e.g. how to upload plans, how to set up Lionel, how to care for Lionel)

You can use Lionel whenever and wherever you need

August Robotics will provide ongoing support and regular on-site servicing

How is the Lease model priced?

Why choose Lease over Service?

FAQ - Lionel for Exhibitions

Have questions about Lionel floor marking?
Here are answers to our most common queries

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