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with automated floor marking

Saving time and cost
for exhibition builders around the world

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Our International Impact

Leipziger Messe

Leipzig, Germany

Previously, each marking had to be applied to the hall floor with adhesive tape by hand.

Depending on the effort involved, a manual measurement took around three working days for three people. Today, two robots can do this job in around ten hours.

Markus Geisenberger

Exhibition Director

Leipziger Messe

4 Million +

square meters marked

21, 000 +

hours saved

50 +

halls worldwide

220, 000 +

marks painted

Watch Lionel in Action

See why Lionel is the leading
exhibition floor marking robot

The Lionel Advantage





Save hours of time on every exhibition

A single Lionel robot makes 80 marks per hour, which is 10x faster than manual methods

Want to save even more time?

Use multiple robots simultaneously for unlimited speed

Mark a 10,000 sq m hall in 3 hours with 2 robots,or in 1.5 hours with 4 robots

Imagine what your team could achieveWith the extra time on every exhibition build

Small Robots. Big Returns

What does the Lionel advantage mean for you?

Faster Build Times

With a marking speed 10x faster than that of manual methods, Lionel can mark a given floor plan in far fewer hours

Its autonomy allows it to work overnight, extending the set-up window and allowing your crew to arrive in the morning to perfectly marked floors

Reduced Labour Burden

Extra Revenue Opportunity

Lower Environmental Impact

Ready for your Next Exhibition

It is easy to get started with Lionel

Simple to use

Lionel can be used by anyone;
no technical knowledge is needed

  • Upload your CAD plan to our portal
  • Use the tablet to set up and monitor the job
  • Robots intelligently work around people and obstacles

Simple Pricing

Lease your own robots and
use them whenever you need

  • Affordable monthly fee
  • Unlimited use
  • Training and support provided
  • Available worldwide

Lease Guide

Interested in using Lionel on your next marking job?

Download the Lease Guide for more details

FAQ - Lionel for Exhibitions

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Here are answers to our most common queries

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